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This is my blog with a name that stems from a long standing joke. Damnit Bobby was a term thrown out during a fun family sports match. Damnit Bobby Airlines was destined to be a loving name given to any flight I conduct which has passengers on board

I was a flight instructor and a part 91 (private carriage) pilot prior to becoming employed with an airline. Please enjoy the blog, and feel free to comment about anything and everything.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to become Current with one Landing

After a long two month 1 week hiatus from flying, today I was able to get back into the air. The now ever increasing pace of training brought me to Dulles Airport last Sunday. The intent was to do orientation training (how to conduct line business) with the hope that they would get us scheduled for some extra duties. As comes standard with any job of this nature, I was prepared for the complete revamp of my schedule issued to me on Monday. I will say, if you are a person set in your ways, then you shouldn't bother. Schedules change faster then the best mom can change a diaper.

My Tuesday started off as planned, an observation flight where I sat in the Jumpseat and... well... observed. Not too much demanding tasks to complete there, but a lot of great information to be missed if you just sit there with your jaw open and eyes filled with dreams. Normal ops vary greatly from things done in the simulator. The pace of things is greatly sped up, and there is definitely a noticeable difference between crews. Most all crews follow the procedures to a "T", but how they conduct the flight can vary greatly.

My fun started when I was able to take the last leg of a flight because the Captain was a Checkairmen and the F/O was a past Captain (rehired after a furlough from a Major, but he gave up his seniority to go to the major). After I filled out our standard paperwork (completed our TOLD card and W&B sheet) the F/O asked if I wanted to take the leg. I told him that I wouldn't mind, but he was in my seat =). So I got to fly the leg from Charlie West (Charleston West Virginia) back to Dulles (KIAD) airport. The flight was fun, and pretty standard. My approach to the landing was great, right on speed and on sink rate. My landing, however left a little to desire. Naw, LOL I'm just kidding... It was actually very good for my first ever landing in an airplane with 34 passengers on board (a full house). I was surprised by the actual affect of going to flight idle compared to that of anything before. The plane slows down in a big hurry when it produces no thrust, LOL.

In case you were wondering about the title.... Imagine a great approach that ends up in a bounce, then another bounce, and on the last time you stick the landing. Yeah, that's three landings isn't it, LOL. A joke I used to play on some of my friends was if they bounced a landing twice I would tell them one more and you'll be current.

Have a great one,

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