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I am starting this blog just as I am starting my airline career. Feel free to ask any questions, or if you are in need of any help related to seeking employment with an airline then just let me know. I really enjoy helping others in any way that I can.

This is my blog with a name that stems from a long standing joke. Damnit Bobby was a term thrown out during a fun family sports match. Damnit Bobby Airlines was destined to be a loving name given to any flight I conduct which has passengers on board

I was a flight instructor and a part 91 (private carriage) pilot prior to becoming employed with an airline. Please enjoy the blog, and feel free to comment about anything and everything.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Post

Well, I finally decided to make my own blog. I enjoy flying so much that I worked hard to earn an opportunity to make aviation my career. I hope to join the CHIPs committee within ALPA soon. The CHIPs committee is the Charting and Instrument Procedures committee. They are a part of a several different organizations within the aviation profession that develop instrument approaches among a host of other responsibilities.

This is a short blog entry, but keep checking back as I will update this as frequently as I can.

Safe Skies, and remember to always stay in the books!


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