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Monday, December 27, 2010


I was looking under my stats page and I ran across a link to this site: http://www.pownetwork.org/phonies/phonies1001.htm. This is pretty sad to think that someone has listed my Dad as a "phonie" without doing any background check into his military history. His POW ribbon was awarded to him in 2003 by the Little Rock Air Force Base Commander. His DD214 also includes that information about his POW time (Edit: I will have to ask him about that as I'm not sure what is on his DD form 214 -I know they later showed how his job first job was listed as medic and his second job was listed as a series of 9's - the number of which I don't remember, but it indicates - Other, Classified information). Not to mention the public records that are available - They were in St. Louis, He knows where they are at now, but they moved his public records after the fire. It just makes me irate to see someone pegging people as "phonies" when they don't have any military records in front of them. Just look at that page - It just lists peoples name with no proof of how they came to that conclusion. I guess physical scars, military records, and being listed as a POW within the Air Force's list of POW's count for that website. Who runs that site? They did have one thing right... my Dad was past president of the Hot Springs VVO... I'm sure Ret. Col. Marc Summers would love to get his hands on that website. Col. Marc Summers is the one who verifies information about members of the VVO, and he also does the same thing for the VFW for the State.

Hey, I'm not a pilot either, I never flew the SAAB although I claim to have flown the SAAB, but somebody knows better cause they have proof that they can't show me.Odd how the Air Force will Award Dad a POW ribbon, after their records search but some website makes a claim based off of what, again?

EDIT: I just happened to remember... This was the website that the VVO used to verify member's past. For reasons I can't remember they proved dad's status as a POW, however because the records were classified still they only had Dad's DD214 to use and they said that wasn't enough proof for them. The good news is that the PRESIDENT OF THE NATIONAL SPECIAL FORCES ASSOCIATION was a member of the VVO, and he is the one who got Dad's records to prove his POW status and his status as an Air Commando. His name was Colonel Wayne Lowley - He passed away about a month ago. I bet a quick check with the NSFA would be in order. It is a disgrace that a website would list my dad for that. I sure as hell plan on telling him about it to make sure that is the website I'm thinking of. If not, I doubt it takes long before a libel suit comes out.


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  1. So sorry to hear about this, Bob - I agree that it's absolutely absurd.

    On a brighter note, thanks again for sharing your dad's story on here before. It really was an amazing thing to read and it's good to remind people that we have our freedoms because of people like your father.