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This is my blog with a name that stems from a long standing joke. Damnit Bobby was a term thrown out during a fun family sports match. Damnit Bobby Airlines was destined to be a loving name given to any flight I conduct which has passengers on board

I was a flight instructor and a part 91 (private carriage) pilot prior to becoming employed with an airline. Please enjoy the blog, and feel free to comment about anything and everything.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Way of the World

Flying in the North has been great. I love the cooler temperatures during these past few weeks. The only thing that I don't like is how hectic my schedule has been during IOE. The schedule will be much easier once I get on reserve because I won't have so many back-to-back reduced rest periods. I have a few days off right now because of two reasons... One is that I have hit my limit of 30 hours within 7 consecutive days. There were days where I was pretty tired, but I made sure to go and work out in some way. Staying active is very helpful for days of long flights and quick turns.

My line check is scheduled for the 9th on a flight from Boston to Augusta Main and back. I have 30 hours of IOE, and only need 35 total. To finish up those last few hours I have an overnight that I am going to be doing in Binghamton (KBGM) on the 7th. The next day I wake up at oh dark thirty (4:00am) to make a 5:00am show time. We fly back from Binghamton, and everyone else is done but me. I fly two more legs going to Allentown (KABE)and back finishing at 3:30pm. The next day I take a "limo" to Washington Regan airport (KDCA), and catch a flight to Boston so that I can complete my line check at 11:00am. Once I complete my line check, I will be all finished with my training and on my way to find a small efficiency apartment in the Houston area. I will be semi-commuting while I sit on reserve. I will come home when I can, but when I have early morning flights or several days in a row with tight schedules then I will at least be able to make sure that I have a place to sleep and remain well rested for each day. Once I am able to hold a line then commuting will be much easier. There are about 8 direct flights a day between Houston and Little Rock. As a result, when I hold a line I will definitely be able to commute much more easily. With all of the overnights that are done in the Houston system it will also be easy to commute and have limited expenses while doing that.


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  1. I'm enjoying the Blog. Please keep writing as time permits. I'm a PP IR pilot and fly quite a bit of XC but yours is a different animal, gotta make the schedule.